About Grill Guru

Grill Guru is very passionate about eating well outdoors and creating unique moments with friends, family, or acquaintances. We have been spreading our message like wildfire for years and we are happy to see more and more gurus emerging! More and more people are discovering the charm of enjoying the outdoors together around a fire.

Cooking outside with the ultimate feeling of freedom and relaxation. Turn every moment into a party with Grill Guru. Like a true guru, it is up to us to ignite your spirit and flame. How do we do that? By making outdoor cooking as accessible and easy as possible. After all, BBQ moments are only truly special when you, as a guru, can conjure up the most delicious dishes in no time from your barbecue. From original Italian pizzas to low & slow cooking dishes. From grilling delicious vegetables to barbecuing a lovely piece of meat or fish. BBQ moments, the easy way.